Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reading Reflection: The Clusterfuck Aesthetic

I read the article by Jerry Saltz and gained a little more insight as to what this sort of aesthetic is. It can be described as an art movement that utilizes the idea of messiness and chaos to the senses- it can be visually audibly confusing and overbearing. This can include art installations that are jam-packed and a tangled mess, or noise works that are an overload of loud, distorted, and perhaps displeasing noises. I find it to be perhaps a contrasting and rejection of minimalism; the goal is to include as much as possible and fill up as much space as possible to create a disorganized work of art. An example of the clusterfuck aesthetic is Twelve-Wheel Waggon Wheel Chandelier by Jason Rhoades in 2004. It is a tangle of wheels and neon lighting which fits the idea of clusterfuck aesthetic. I believe the point that Saltz was trying to make is that modern art today is no longer simple and conservative, but chaotic and varying in different ways. The clusterfuck aesthetic is an exaggeration and criticism of modern art.

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