Monday, December 15, 2014

Curatorial Project

I did a performance art for the art show we curated earlier in the semester. I wanted to do something different than a painting or a sculpture, so I decided to try my hand in performance art. I wore all white clothing and stood in an open space. I had bright blue body paint and allowed people who attended the show to paint my body however they saw fit. This was derivative of the works of Yoko Ono and Marina Abramovic- I allowed the audience to have full control over me and I could not stop them. 
I think the performance art was successful in that many people wanted to participate the did- by the time I was finished I was covered in blue paint- even on my face and in my hair. The blue paint was chosen to fit the theme of the show which was monochromatic color. I think the performance art could have been better if I was under a black light. I had originally planned to have one but given the space the black light would have interfered with other people's works on display. I think if I were to do this again I would probably have my own room in order to execute this successfully.

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