Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reading Reflection: Dada Manifesto

After reading the Dada manifestos by Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara, I found Tzara's manifesto much easier to read and understand the points that were made. According to this particular writing, Dada is empty- the movement has no meaning or point to it. He said, "What we need is works that are strong straight precise and forever beyond understanding." Perhaps the Dada movement includes works of art that are meant to be vapid, but by making these works mean absolutely nothing, they are reflective of life itself- there is no meaning, and to live is to simply, nothing more, nothing less. While I understand what he is saying, I think the meaning and intentions behind art can be created by the viewers- people will always have their own interpretations of art and what the message is trying to be conveyed to them. I see works of art that fall under the Dada movement, and while the artist may intend for them to mean nothing, I still draw conclusions and messages through my own eyes, even though that was not meant to be the original point of the work. I think art, and life, has meaning, but that meaning is what people make of it.

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