Thursday, May 7, 2015

Artist's Lecture: Priscilla Varner

Priscilla B. Varner is a contemporary portrait photographer specializing in children, families and weddings serving Nevada, California, Colorado and Florida. Her exhibition, “Emancipating Jane: Challenging Representations of Legal Sex-Workers in Fine Art” depicts the relationship “between the photographer and the subject by removing the photographer, arming the legal sex-worker with the tools necessary to more fully represent her identity.” features a collection of images of sex workers photographed entirely by the sex workers themselves. This is an attempt to show a more realistic approach to the lives of sex workers when we live in a society that tries to portray them in a negative light and as objects of consumption when sex work needs to be normalized and the stigma needs to be removed.

This exhibition is one I found interesting and made me want to learn more about sex workers and society’s reaction to them. I do think that the stigma and negative thoughts that surround sex work need to be removed and sex workers need to be shown respect just as anyone else. They shouldn’t be looked down upon just because their line of work is different than a typical job.

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